The Jack Food Company Limited

The Jack Food Company are a family run business whose sole focus is providing quality tasting, exquisitely formulated and perfected multi use products. We currently produce a range of artisan sauces, which can be used as marinades, dips, and dressings. Each product is made  in small batches to ensure they maintain freshness, flavour and consistency. They also contain no added preservatives or additives.

Our sauces are inspired by our travels around the world. Many are places we have lived, and are the brainchild of a World Master Chef – who is the father of the family.  Jon takes the time to expertly develop flavours and create products with his keen taste and mastery of the ingredients.

As we continue to grow, we will expand our product line to deliver authentic tasting sauces, and other culinary delights. We will also be showing you recipes and  videos to further enhance your culinary journey as you travel the world with us – via your taste buds..

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all” ― Harriet Van Horne